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Friday, 30 April 2021


Loch Muick

Loch Kinord

(date stamps, always sneaking on when you think you've switched them off ...)

The last day of Hippolyta Month – though there’ll be a couple of new articles going up on the website, probably tomorrow, in the Worlds section. But in the meantime, get your answers in for the competitions! For each question there’s a prize of a signed copy of one of my books (of your choice), a Lexie Conyngham mug (there are currently only four in the whole world!), your name in a future book (modified to make it ‘historical’ if necessary) and (if I can work out how to get them out) a promo code for the new audiobook of Tomb for an Eagle, read by Ulf Bjorklund. So (without further brackets) here are the four competition questions again:

1/ The books frequently make reference to the ‘three parishes’. What are they?

2/ When did Queen Victoria first make a visit to what would become Royal Deeside?

3/ Hippolyta is an artist, and interested in the new Scottish Academy in Edinburgh which stages the annual exhibition. When did the Academy receive its Royal charter?

4/ What was the Muckle Spate?

Winners to be announced on Monday, so you have all weekend to Google!

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