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Thursday 30 June 2011

First Review

Hello! Thank you so much to the kind person who reviewed Death in a Scarlet Gown on Amazon - that was lovely! I've been dancing round the room, which is probably unwise as I spent yesterday digging a new allotment and the evening at a ceilidh - still, probably good to get the muscles moving again!

And if I've done this right (although who knows?) the link below will take you to the Murray of Letho books on Amazon.

Happy days,


Wednesday 29 June 2011

First ever blog

There are probably loads called that! Hello, I'm Lexie Conyngham, and I'm the author of the Murray of Letho series of detective novels set in Georgian Scotland. Now, that's not exactly a claim to fame, but a couple of weeks ago my close friends N&D, who are much more technologically minded than I, suggested that I deal with the heap of dusty manuscripts littering my study and actually publish them as ebooks. Much to my surprise I did it, and now there are the first two, Death in a Scarlet Gown and Knowledge of Sins Past, actually available!

Now my next task is to do a  major editing job on the next Murray book, Service of the Heir, which moves the action to Edinburgh. Most of the series will be set in Edinburgh and Fife: I've lived and worked in both with great delight. I'm currently a bit further north, however, with a family, two cats, two allotments and actual real work to attend to, so I'd better leave this for now and do what needs to be done on a sunny day!