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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Hippolyta Month - the first competition question


Hippolyta Napier was hoping for good tenants for her new cottage, but the first resident is already dead. Who was he? Why was he there? And will the disappearance of a fitness instructor and the strange activities of a new bride offer any clue to the mystery?

The Corrupted Blood - out soon!

And here we are at the first competition day.

The prize (today and for the next three competitions, too) will include a signed copy of A Knife in Darkness, the first Hippolyta book, the chance to have your name (or a modified version of it if it’s very modern!) in a future Hippolyta book, and a few other goodies. The closing date for all entries is midnight British Summer Time on 1st. May, and winners will be informed, and asked for their postal details, the following week.

And the first question …

The books frequently make reference to the ‘three parishes’. What are they?

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