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Wednesday 15 June 2016

Shelfie of the month

This is a chunk of the research library - mostly military here, I think, though I can see Youngson's The Making of Classical Edinburgh (a wonderful book) peeping out on the top left. The second shelf down is the cat shelf, but the lowest one has a bit of a mixture - postcards of the Lewis chessmen, a yoyo, a very old pocket mirror, a pompom maker, an Indian dye stamp or two and a handful of Wensleydale curls (wool from Wensleydale sheep, which look like Shirley Temple). The jar on the top shelf is full of dried peas - not absolutely sure why.

Tuesday 7 June 2016

New cover for Fellowship with Demons

I really love Helen's new artwork for Fellowship with Demons - and she's researched chandeliers and swords for it, too! It needed redoing, and gradually I hope to replace all the old covers - though I'm very attached to some of them. The old ones will be preserved on my Pinterest boards for posterity!

I've started writing the first book of the next series but it's slow going at the moment. It's a bit like moving in with new flatmates: you want to get on with them and you're fairly sure you will, but you're not quite at ease with them yet. I've had my heroine, Hippolyta Napier, in my head for a while now, but even so that's not the same as actually writing her.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Slow Death by Quicksilver - out now!

It’s a long walk home to Ulster from Glasgow University – and even longer when the journey is interrupted by murder. Murray of Letho is staying with an old friend in the fishing village by Loch Ryan where the unpopular Newell meets his death. Missing his daughter, resenting his mourning and distracted by an abundance of charming female company, Murray struggles to find the murderer amongst a host of suspects, in a village where every second inhabitant has motive, means, and a fine knowledge of poison.

99p/c this month on Kindle! Also available on Smashwords and Kobo, print edition to follow shortly!

Thanks to Helen at Ellie Illustrates once again for I think her best cover so far!