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Friday 2 November 2012

Seasonal scramble

 This is what the garden looked like a couple of weeks ago - definitely a late-summer look, still a little warmth in the sunlight, greenery, blackberries, all those late summery things. Then we get this!
Winter sneaked in on autumn before autumn was quite ready to go out - trees against the snow were shocked yellow and gold, caught half-undressed as winter came through the door. All gone now, again, of course, but we managed a snowman - about three feet tall, but mostly because it was on a two foot high table ...!

Right, well, despite the fact I'm holding down three concurrent jobs this week I've managed to finish reading the next book, and it's not quite as bad as I remembered it! It is now called Fellowship with Demons (a bit of a change from Kith and Kin!) and I've just about started typing it. No publication date yet, and no cover design! Thanks for the recent lovely reviews for the first four - you're very kind people! Now, back to work.