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Monday 17 October 2022

Two exciting pre-orders now out!

Here's a great Christmas treat - six cosy and / or historical mysteries, including one about Hippolyta, on pre-order now! Only 90p / 99c till at least 4th. November.

Merry Little Mysteries: A Holiday Cozy & Historical Mystery Anthology by [C.H. Sessums, Katherine H. Brown, Lexie Conyngham, Katherine Moore, Carmen Radtke, Donna Schlachter]

Merry Little Mysteries

Murder Takes the Train by Katherine Brown
The quaint, mountain town of Riverbend Junction has only one train in and one train out for transportation. The town hasn't been home for two of the three Belle sisters since they moved away several years ago, but when they return home for Christmas a murder derails the train and all of their plans for getting back to their regular lives. Can the women put their heads together to track down the killer or will they find themselves steam-rolled into a murder charge?

The Children's Party by Lexie Conyngham
Edinburgh, 1828: Mrs. Fettes, competitively charitable, needs help to run a New Year party for poor children. But when things don’t go according to plan, it’s her daughter Hippolyta who has to solve the mystery and save the day – and the dog.

Feliz Navi-dead by Katherine Moore
Jingle-bells and jealousy. A treacherous treat. Can Eve save her friends’ lives from being wrecked?

A Dash of Deceit by Carmen Radtke
‘Tis is the season to be jolly, and Eve Holdsworth intends to make the most of her first Christmas in her new home. Helping her friends at the “Green Dragon” with baking and selling mince pies and gingerbread on the Christmas market is the icing on the cake - until a cantankerous customer is poisoned, and fingers point at everyone close to Eve. She has to cook up a plan fast if she wants to take the heat off her friends and unmask a clever culprit … “A Dash of Deceit” is the second cozy Eve Holdsworth mystery set in the idyllic British countryside, after “Let Sleeping Murder Lie”.

A Mistletoe Mystery by Donna Schlachter
Can sisters Holly and Ivy Christmas discover who seeded their spruce trees with dwarf mistletoe? And are the neighboring ranch brothers, Tom and Bob Jolly, behind this? Or victims as well?

A Christmas Wish Before Dying by C.H. Sessums
Vangie Guillory’s hands are full getting The Mystery Book Nook ready for the final shopping event of the season. The last thing she needs is to find out her best customer was involved in a hit-and-run accident. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg when the old man begs her to help him with one last wish before his time runs out.

And at the same time (because I like to keep busy) we have

The Contentious Business of Samuel Seabury

Samuel Seabury has travelled a long way from war-torn Connecticut, seeking consecration as the first Episcopal Bishop in America. Turned away in England, he ventures further into Scotland, and up to Aberdeen, his last chance. But even there the path is not straight: how far will some people go to prevent his consecration? Threats? Impediments? Or murder?