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Monday 10 November 2014

Book review: The Club, by Beth Green

The Club

The Club is a book with a sharp start that grabs you and hauls you in fast. At first you think it’s a plot you’ve come across before, the idea of switching murder victims, but this is much more complex, with a narrative which jumps back and forth in time. It is full of digressions and switches in points-of-view, but it’s worth keeping track of it, and I found it more intriguing the further I read. The characters are interesting and well-portrayed, many of them deliberately repulsive or irritating, many sympathetic. Though it seems to set up for a sequel, the ending is satisfying in itself with all the loose ends wound up.


I'm on Chapter 10 of 25 of Death of an Officer's Lady: working hard but lots of other things to fit into life, too! I've just booked to go to a talk in St. Andrews on 29th. November: Margaret Skea, author of The Turn of the Tide, is speaking on the place of history in historical fiction - she's doing the same thing in Edinburgh on 21st., too. I've chatted with Margaret on various forums for a while now so I'm looking forward to seeing her in person!