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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mugs on windowsill

Contemplating mugs on windowsill. Slow thought day. Mugs are all cracked or chipped so retired from drink use and now holding porcelain painting pens (a large mug with fruit on it, present years ago from the school friend who walked into the lamppost), colouring pencils (RAF Cosford's Aerospace Museum), paper clips (Northern Line with Mornington Crescent reopened), scissors (Lifeboats mug), pencils (mug with my name on from many years ago), crochet hooks, rugger (for making rag rugs, nothing to do with rugby football), jewellery pliers, lucet, knitting loom hooks and other odd tools (Fair Trade mug), tubes of glitter (mug from Victoria Cafe, St. Andrews), cable knitting needles and other odd knitting needes (some odd tin to do with Italian cakes). To list the other contents of the windowsill would be to imply that my study is untidy, though actually this is fairly ordered, for once ...

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