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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sunny Saturday

It's a lovely day, which means I should probably be heading out to Allotment Minor later. I transferred some wine to a demijohn this morning and then set to to edit Service of the Heir, the third book in the Murray of Letho series. Shocked to realise I wrote it fifteen  years ago! It certainly needs some work, which isn't surprising. Back then I was living in Edinburgh and as I walked about the town it was as if I was seeing it interwoven with the ghosts of buildings, streets and people that would have been there in Murray's time, walking with him to Greyfriars Kirk through Brown and Adam Squares (long gone, where Chambers Street is now). There are so many good text books on Georgian Edinburgh - Youngson's The Making of Classical Edinburgh and the more recent Edinburgh: The Golden Age, by Mary Cosh, are two of the best. Then C.K. Sharpe, Chambers and Cockburn were writing diaries and accounts at the time. But original documents are invaluable, and for those the best places are Edinburgh City Archives, the National Library, and of course the National Archives of Scotland. I quite miss doing all that lovely research!

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