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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hitting America

Slightly surprised to discover I've sold six books in North America! One kind review from there, too, which is good. It's been a busy few days - one batch of elderflower wine has decided to recarpet the landing, the long-haired cat has needed pruning, the allotments are producing lettuce and rocket in vast and nearly inedible quantities (I looked like a vegetable stall on the bus the other night), and we've been at a wedding in torrential rain, where one bridesmaid keeled over during the service, narrowly avoiding hitting her head on a pew. Weddings in Scotland were a good deal simpler in Murray's day - even the date wasn't absolutely fixed till about a week before, then all you had to do was pin down a minister, get in a bit of food, gather a couple of friends and push back the drawing room furniture - the minister came to do the job in your house and attendance was generally very low. Yesterday there must have been a couple of hundred guests and the date has been fixed for about a year! Still, a good time had by all - and still the rain falleth ...


  1. There have been a few questions about the series on the amazon forums.

    Mostly about other books in the series.

  2. And a few questions about you - you could fill in your profile here or in amazon?