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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Maybe linked ...

I've just managed to change the entry for Knowledge of Sins Past to include this blog address, and I've put up new format covers for both the books - I thought, since they were ebooks, I could get away with a nice uncluttered illustration, but feedback says no! Make them look like real books!

Thank you so much to the lovely reviewers who have taken the time to write about my books - and in such detail. I'm sure these will be very helpful to other readers, too.

Not such a lovely day today, but after a burst of editing I have to go and make some soap - friends' birthdays are coming up and I'm still trying to perfect my methods. At least I don't have to run stale urine through straw and add lard, or whatever the method was when Murray was around! I think I'm conflating two things there - must review my sources ...

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