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Monday, 1 August 2011

Running to Catch Up

The laundry is in the machine, so can't be packed, but at least the massive supply of cat food has been bought so that our lovely neighbour can fend off our savage moggies while we're away, the allotments have had the vegetables looked over, the garden has been hacked back, and the train times have been rechecked. There'll be no internet for a little while! It's family visiting time again.

Good weekend baking for a sale which made a couple of hundred quid for our church, then N and D, the deviously persuasive friends who talked me into this lark, arrived for the night. Much talking, eating and drinking occurred, and they departed with our first cauliflower of the season and a bar of homemade soap. N wants cinnamon soap next time - I'll have to think about how to introduce the scent the right way ... A wretched magpie family are chasing the smaller birds from the tree outside my window - love birds, not so hot on magpies, noisy, bullying, vain and greedy.

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