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Sunday, 14 August 2011

And now, the recovery period ...

Back again. Thought we'd lost a coat on the train, accidentally found it this afternoon in the park on the way back from inspecting Allotment Minor. Stuffed it in the bag with the lettuce given by my allotment neighbour and the two pounds of rosehips foraged for wine, and came home to make the wine.

I love reading people's teeshirts - 'If found, please return to the pub' or 'The angels have the blue box' do me nicely. I hope no one minds me staring, but really, if they go about with something written across them, what do they expect? I myself wear one reading 'Eco-Worrier' on occasion, and used to have one reading 'Behind every successful woman is a rather intelligent cat'. However, I am heartily bored with reading the words 'Abercrombie', 'Fitch' and 'Bench'. Why pay money to advertise someone?

I did see a man a few months ago wearing a teeshirt reading 'Apple Crumble and Fudge'. It made me very happy.

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