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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

April is Hippolyta Month

In late April, all being well, the new Hippolyta will appear - The Corrupted Blood - and the cover for the new Hippolyta box set will be chosen. So we're going to have a Hippolyta Month!

Throughout April there'll be pictures, articles, blogposts, and competitions for moderately fabulous prizes, across Facebook, Pinterest, the newsletter (with a free Hippolyta short story), this blog and the website (www.lexieconyngham.co.uk).

So far three characters have been asked to contribute blogposts - Patrick Napier, Mrs. Kynoch and Miss Ada Strong - if you have anyone else you'd like to hear from (apart from Dod Durris - he's too shy) then drop us a line at contact@kellascatpress.co.uk or through the website.

Further details to follow!

The Corrupted Blood is about 3/4 written, so I'd better get cracking and finish it! Hope to see you in April for Hippolyta Month!

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