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Friday, 23 September 2016

Very first Murray of Letho book receives new cover!

Helen's done it again! I was very attached to the original cover of Death in a Scarlet Gown (I'd never quite managed such a good bird picture before) but once again Helen has nailed it. The little building is part of St. Andrew's Cathedral, and of course the scarlet gown is the gown all undergraduates of St. Salvator's and St. Leonard's Colleges (not St. Mary's, which has a rather sophisticated black with a purple saltire) wore and, on many occasions, still wear (if I turn at my desk I can still see my own). They are thick and woolly, have an inside pocket just the right size for a half-bottle of whisky, and are the subject of a number of very strict traditions.

The cover will be available shortly on Amazon and Smashwords, and after the usual bit of cursing on Kobo, too.

I'm now two fifths of the way through Death of a False Physician, the second of the Hippolyta Napier books. The first in at the reading and editing stage - never before have I tried to produce two books so fast, but I have to try and hit a particular deadline, the anniversary of last year's awful flooding at Ballater and Aboyne. Next week I hope to visit Ballater once again to do some particular investigations - if they go well I'll no doubt talk about it here!

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