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Friday, 8 January 2016

Seaton Loch

Recent dwellers in Aberdeen will recognise this geographical feature, in vulgo sermone Seaton Loch, or a large puddle that forms in wet weather near the playpark in Seaton Park. The last time I was talking to someone from Friends of Seaton Park they were hoping to dry out this bit - the council drains the playing fields on the other side of the road already. Waterfowl, however, love it, and I think today they may have the upper hand:

 Here, slicing down into the wandering waters of the Don between low iron railings is, indeed, the road beyond which are the sometimes drained playing fields - spot the rugby posts? This was after the waters had gone down considerably, at about two thirty in the afternoon.

Pretty, though, eh? And it might be a relief for those inhabitants of ancient low-lying houses at Brig of Balgownie a little downstream, for this spreading out of the floodwaters might well have taken the pressure off their homes. Not much consolation for the people in Inverurie and Port Elphinstone - so named because it was the terminus for the Aberdeen to Inverurie Canal, a short-lived predecessor to the railways. The place is wound about with water at the best of times, and much more so now. No fun.

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