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Monday, 4 January 2016

Salad Days

No.3 Cat is making a habit of bringing in pigeons half his size. No.2 Cat wishes to distance himself from this uncivilised behaviour. We had a small dinner party last night and inadvertently left the salad bowl on the table. At some time during the night No.2 Cat was found sitting comfortably in the salad bowl, licking the handle ends of the servers.

He hasn't actually eaten all the salad, but then again how much would we eat that we'd sat on? And at least he hasn't eaten the servers.
They are taking turns to come in soaked, and returning outside to dance in offence in the wind. We are taking it in turns to run out to do whatever really needs doing and hurry back in again. Several people have contacted us to ask if we're still unflooded: we're pretty safe but the road between Ballater and Crathie has partly gone, apparently. Heaven help those flooded out: our thoughts are with you.

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