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Monday, 9 November 2015

International Drabble Week est ici!

Here we are - the week we've been waiting for, the week which will be sprinkled with thousands of glittering little drabbles, each just one hundred words long! Well, I'm not saying my contributions will glitter, but I'll try: if you want to read some good ones, either go to Beyond 100 Drabbles by Jonathan Hill and Kath Middleton, or to the blog of this week's organiser, Michael Brookes, which is a fine place to go in its own right and will guide you to some excellent stories of all lengths.

Meanwhile here is my first contribution for the week (it was supposed to start with a dinky little illustration but the cat bite mentioned earlier has rather put paid to my fine motor skills for now).

What James Bond Leaves Behind

Glamour-boys, that’s them. I could have been one of them. Serve your country, see the world …

One remit’s placating local police. The murder squads are fine, but the traffic-cops! Small-minded paper-pushers. That tank in the streets of St. Petersburg did it for me. When Mr. Glamour-Boy motorbikes over the rooftops, it’s me up there with the trowel, making repairs.

The barrowloads of fruit and veg I’ve had to clean up! And fork out H.M.’s dineros for. I don’t like waste, so I’ve got clever with soups and salads.

So that’s who we are: MI6’s Refuse and Reparation Squad. Glamorous.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you find some other good drabbles around this week!

  2. Now I know who cleans up the mess. Enjoyed this story very much, Murray. Well done. :) --- Suzanne Joshi

  3. Well, I'm glad it's not me! Thanks - delighted you enjoyed it. Hope the rest of the week brings you more happy drabbles!