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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

If only ...

We'd planned an expedition to frosty Stonehaven on Sunday, but alas, it was not to be - or not for me. I sat at home with my newly acquired crutches, and contemplated life.

No, no high impact life-threatening exercises here - I turned to go and put the kettle on, and my Achilles tendon, never the happiest of beasts, went ping. Ho hum. The crutches are not, as it turns out, something at which I'm a natural, and the main danger at present is that I'll trip over them and break the other ankle. It doesn't entirely help that we're suffering from slushy snow at present which then freezes - not an ideal training ground!

You'd think it would increase my writing time, but the swings go one way and the roundabouts another: I'm stapled to the house most of the time, which is good writing time, but when I do have to go somewhere it takes twice as long as usual, which is not good writing time.

However, at least it hasn't happened in the growing season, and I have only around 6,000 words left to write of the first draft, so perhaps I'll get them done this week!

The little boat is one of a number of lovely odd metal sculptures along Stonehaven's boardwalk and beach. If you look more closely, it seems to be crewed by herring ...

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