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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Publication in sight!

That's it, the text is typed and proofread and put into one document and then the formatting, which always goes a bit iffy at that point, has been checked and corrected again. The cover is drafted, though no doubt there will be discussions over it (I like it, but another idea has been suggested which I might try, too) and I'm quite pleased with my efforts to draw donkeys ...

There is a tent in the garden. This is not a problem, as such. It's a new tent, and I, being an old Girl Guide, am used to the type where you pace out the angles of the guy lines and raise the tent poles in one large and glorious movement (followed, at one memorable camp near Hastings, by a large and total collapse as the rotted dolly pegs fell to pieces). This tent I removed from its bag, then I turned to read the instructions and was roundly walloped in the back as it put itself up - upside down, as it happens. The reason it is still there, however, is that putting itself down seems to be beyond it, and is a problem roughly similar to folding a road map up in the way it is meant to go - oh, yes, I suppose we're supposed to use some app on our phones to find our way round these days, not nice foldy map things.I wonder if there's an app for teaching tents how to fold themselves up?

Ah, well.

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