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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fourth book just out!

Well, it's working its way through the mysteries of Kindle uploading, anyway. Thank goodness - and thanks to my ever-patient graphic designer who turns my scribbled pictures into covers! And to all of you who buy the books and write lovely reviews (gosh, this is starting to sound like an Oscar speech). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy 'An Abandoned Woman'.

Allotments full of weeds only just under control - too much wet, warm weather. I've taken a middle-sized decision to drop one teaching job next term and do more writing (and indeed housework, I suppose!), but it hasn't quite sunk in yet so the stress levels are still a bit high. Eventually I'll tidy that bit of my mind away till the next time it's needed. In the mean time the other teaching post needs some work done before August, and the next book is calling me ... The knitting, however, is currently slightly more resistable, for some reason! But there's decorating to do, and tidying to do, and other work taking up two days a week. Oh, well - better get on!

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