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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

St. Andrews signing and a vanished dig

Thanks to Brian and all at St. Andrews Waterstone's last Friday for a lovely friendly signing!

And I liked what they did with the book cover for the chalkboard in the shop!
Meanwhile the flash archaeological dig that appeared, Time Team like, for Mayfest, has once again vanished - but not before they discovered what they think is the doorstep of the grammar school that was once attached to 15th. century King's College.

The allotments are bunny-infested again - we think there might be a warren under the plots - and we're clubbing together to buy a humane trap and establish a rota for checking it. It's been very dry but today it has rained solidly since this morning, not great for shopping (though I sneaked in a visit to my favourite wool shop) but good for the crops - and indeed for discovering just where the leak was in my mother's roof, as the wet rot man found.

And in work terms - well, I'm writing a new Hippolyta short story, and in the midst of plans for a new website / blog - I'll keep you posted! And I have to finish editing an old stand alone for later this year, once I get the science side sorted out ...

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