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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Found myself walking along the street this morning carrying a hedgehog in a washing up bowl.

I consider this to be an improvement on the previous outcome to a similar situation. This morning, quite early, my neighbour rang to say there was a hedgehog in her yard, and could I possibly come and remove it as her dog wouldn't stop barking at it. This was a two-person job as although her dog is small, she's determined, and the hedgehog was a well-developed specimen. I happily removed said hedgehog, provided cat food and shelter, and left it to get over the shock. The last time she found a hedgehog in her garden, she picked it up on a shovel and flung it over the wall into our garden - she assures me she checked first to see there was no one there, but I can't help feeling it was a bit harsh on the hedgehog, even if it fell into a leafy wilderness!

Cat and kitten have presumably not encountered the hedgehog: it would no doubt be an educational experience for the kitten, though who knows what monsters No.2 Cat has already found in our jungle?

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