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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back to Stonehaven

This time I made it - no crutches (thank heavens or I'd probably never have managed to climb on to the bus / space shuttle to get there).

A whole day, or near enough, on the beaches - all kinds of investigations into shells, lugworms, fish skeletons, driftwood. Walking from one end of the town to the other by the beach, tough wellies allowing for the crossing of the two rivers that cut through the pebbly sand to the sea, sampling the wonderful fish and chips at The Bay (the closest you can get to an eco-chippy) at one end near the open air pool (we did not sample that - it doesn't open till June, anyway) and the ice cream at the harbour in a disorganised fashion that meant a great deal of walking. We watched the fog bowl across the cliffs, and basked in the sunshine, and nearly fell asleep on the way home with a rucksack full of seaweed roots and shells and, indeed, fish skeletons, which are now arranged around the bathroom in a way Gerald Durrell would have been proud of, to the despair of his family.

This week I brought out the first Murray of Letho omnibus, the first three books in a bargain 'boxed set'. I'm also experimenting by putting them up on Kindle Select - no sales yet! And there I thought they would be flying off the shelves. The sophisticated 3D image for the book is also taking longer to appear on Amazon than  I had hoped. The idea was that the omnibus would be a promotion before Death of an Officer's Lady appears in June but it'll have to sell a little better if that's going to work! Ah, well: that's the point of an experiment, I suppose. Now, while the weather lasts, it's back to clearing out the garden shed - and thinking about the next Murray book. It's supposed to be a rather creepy one, so spending the afternoon amongst the spiders and snails might be inspirational!

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