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Sunday, 4 August 2013

More heartfelt activity

One of the best crafts for hot weather! A lovely morning spent doing this, for no other reason than that the felt needed to be used (it goes bally otherwise) and the design was bubbling in my head.
The backing was a cheaper, coarser Shetland fibre.
We layered it up then added softer Merino wool and some strands of silk - lots of leftovers from other projects.
Soaking and soaping is fun! The kitchen was soon flooded, and we worked barefoot.
We added birds cut from prefelt, and soaked again.
And as an aside, I mentioned before making beaded vamps for a project in Canada highlighting the number of unsolved murders of First Nation women and the number of unidentified First Nation women murder victims: we were the easternmost group participating in this art project and it'll be travelling soon round small galleries in Canada, with bookings up to 2017: visitors will get to walk a long route of red fabric on which hundreds of pairs of vamps will be arranged. Walking with Our Sisters - look out for it on Facebook, and it might be coming to Europe! Many of the vamps are beautiful - these are first efforts, though!

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