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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fellowship with Demons - out at last!

Fellowship with Demons, the fifth in the Murray of Letho series, is now out on Kindle at 99c or whatever Amazon's equivalent is for one month only. It's not on Smashwords yet but I'll get there eventually!

Meanwhile, both Death in a Scarlet Gown and Knowledge of Sins Past are out in paperback via Amazon Createspace, Service of the Heir is being proofread, and An Abandoned Woman is almost ready for a proof copy to be ordered. I'm trying not to think of Book Six (70% completed but in need of deep thought and some more research) until everything is sorted out with the first five. After Book Six I'm definitely back to writing them in full!

Hope you enjoy this one, and thanks to N and Ignite for their prepublication reassurances while I was in the midst of a crisis!

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