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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A little progress

I've knocked one job down to two days a week for the moment, and the other three jobs are hovering, so I'm beating on with typing and editing and I'm now just over 3/10 through Fellowship with Demons. No ideas for the cover yet. It's based on a couple of documents I found long ago in the National Archives in Edinburgh, a real trial and a real oddity, a letter to Edinburgh Town Council from a basket maker. A lady had called at the basket maker's shop asking him to look after a hamper for her for a couple of hours and she had never come back for it, and when he opened it he found it contained human bones, and being a sensible tradesman, well aware of health and safety legislation as it stood in 1808, he wanted the Council to come and take it away.

I'd love to try basket weaving - did a chair seat and a stool once and my fingers have just about recovered. But craft is an awful distraction and someone started a craft thread on the Good Reads website, and it keeps drawing me in! Recently I discovered decoupage, but making your own shape, not just buying one, and it's completely addictive - I'll just put another few pieces on, I'll be finished in a minute, honestly!

Well, I never said I was any good at birds! I seem to be building up a small aviary, however: knitted, needlefelted, woven willow, that kind of thing. All awful. It's a way of passing the time.

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