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Monday, 24 September 2012

Rosehips and Salmagundi

Child labour is a marvellous thing. With a bit of help I have some pots of rosehip jelly and some pots of blackberry jam, and two happy children not particularly badly scratched or muddy! Of course in the Second World War children were indeed paid to collect rosehips to provide Vitamin C to a population missing its citrus fruit. It's a bit of a dilemma, though - the big rosehips are quicker to top and tail but not as tasty, while the small ones are better but fiddly.
An odd fruit, really.

Very excited about the new Goodreads UK Kindle Forum's joint opus, A Splendid Salmagundi, due out soon. A Goodreads Gallimaufrey was the first in this (I hope lengthy) series, a mixture of poetry, short stories and recipes from members of the forum, whether published authors or not. This time I've managed to be organised and have submitted a couple of short stories - not really my field but fun to try from time to time! Anyway, it's going to be a really good read despite my efforts, so buy, buy, buy! And thanks to all those who have the patience to put it all together!

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