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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rainbow Chard

Glorious rainbow chard! A brassica so colourful even small children will eat it. This and onions from Allotment Major yesterday in beautiful sunshine. The paths are full of weeds but I was there to do some communal weeding, mulching between our young windbreak trees before they vanish forever in the docks. Red kites circled over the woodland and a yellowhammer sang at us from the telegraph wire, and there were wild raspberries shining like sweet rubies on the walk back. A lovely morning.

Not much happening with Book Five yet, which has the unsatisfactory title 'Kith and Kin'. I've never liked it and it's going to have to be changed. I read part of Chapter One before other duties and pleasures descended: I have to finish my country job, and complete preparation for teaching this term, before I can start thinking about it properly. Meanwhile it's nice to know that Amazon are promoting my books thoroughly - I had an email from them yesterday recommending them to me!

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