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Friday, 2 September 2011

A search for maps

After a week of emergency knitting (that is, when you identify a pattern to knit for your sister-in-law's special birthday, have it clearly in  mind for months, but unaccountably neglect to buy wool and start knitting till the last possible minute), I have time to think about Murray again. In the mean time, while knitting on buses and doing the essential walking about the town, I've been spotting characters and making notes, thinking of phrases to use, sorting out plot problems in my head and then trying to find a notebook to write them into before the ideas float away.

The weather has been variable and a bit autumnal: more veg back from Allotment Major and leeks planted in Allotment Minor - I wonder how they'll do? The soil is rather dusty and I've used half a bag of growbag compost to try to help them out. The rosehip wine is now safely in the demijohn as it should be. I've spent the morning baking, much to the distress of Number One Cat, who likes me to settle in the study in the mornings so that he can keep an eye on me in comfort from the sofa bed. Number Two Cat has lost his rather nifty brown collar with pink spots, and now has an urban chic one instead - don't know where he puts them. When we lived in Sussex, the local cats used to suspend each other off gutters to rip off each other's collars - clearly a venerable tradition, and we had to replace six collars in four months (just for one cat).

I've carefully put away all my old maps of Georgian Edinburgh. I wonder where?

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