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Hippolyta Napier

The Hippolyta Napier series is set in Ballater on what's now known as Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The series starts in 1829, the year of the Muckle Spate, a flood that devastated many of the river routes in North-East Scotland, and the profits for the first book are going to the Ballater Flood Fund for the victims of the 2015 flood.

Hippolyta's a newly-married young woman from Edinburgh, enjoying her new life with her physician husband Patrick. The daughter of an indulgent lawyer and a distant mother, she admits she suffers from insatiable curiosity as well an urge to take in any strays, human or animal, that are in need of shelter.

The first two books in the series are due out on 30th. December, 2016

A Knife in Darkness

The distant Scottish spa town of Ballater seems a world away from the stylish and familiar streets of Georgian Edinburgh, but recently married Hippolyta Napier is making a new life amidst its dark woods and pure, flowing waters. But suspicion, intrigue and death await both inside and outside her new home, and the forces of nature take few prisoners. 

Death of a False Physician

The dreadful day is approaching for the Napiers in Ballater: Hippolyta Napier’s mother is coming to stay.
But Mrs. Fettes  is not just in Aberdeenshire to visit her youngest daughter: she  has other reasons, and one will draw the whole family in, with deadly results.

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